Patchwork Poetry

A collection of poems by A.J.Young

Art is by its nature indulgent of the artist whether he or she is good or bad at it. To paint, to write, to sculpt, to sing, to dance and to act, in whatever form, the artist is expressing a view of a subject which satisfies a need in that person and provides an interpretation of the world around him or her. I make no apologies for my attempt to express some views of my own. On the contrary I feel privileged that my life has given me the freedom to have some time to do so and equally important, has given me the wonderful experience of knowing people who have inspired me to write. And it’s those who I thank.

Poetry is the neglected and poorest of the artistic media. A poem is designed to allow the reader to engage in an interpretation of his or her own within a certain frame set by the poet. That frame ranges from simple text where the poet’s meaning is easy to ascertain to the more complicated prose where meaning is obtuse or possibly no meaning is intended but just the flow and sound of the words. In between there are all sorts of rules and regulations (alliteration, internal rhyme, sprung rhythm) most of which I break.

By way of setting I have written a few words before each poem to give some background as to how each one came to be written. I hope you enjoy them.