Planet Theatre

Katie and the Mona Lisa

From the popular series of “Katie” books written and illustrated by the acclaimed artist James Mayhew. Published by Orchard Books.

Adapted for the stage by Planet Theatre Productions Ltd.
Produced by Sean Garvey
Book and Lyrics by Adrian Brown
Music by Robert Hainault

Katie is being taken by her Grandmother to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, where the celebrated portrait of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is in a special exhibition. Left alone and looking at the picture, Katie wonders aloud why the lady’s famous smile is not very cheerful. She is astonished when the picture replies, inviting her to jump into the frame.

Inside, Katie discovers that Mona Lisa has come alive, and is rather lonely. Her smile is fading because, as she was painted so long ago, she can no longer remember why she was smiling in the first place. Katie can see the lovely lady needs to get out more and have some fun, perhaps by meeting characters in other pictures in the gallery. So they set off together in amazing adventures through a series of famous Renaissance paintings, featuring dragons, lions, knights in armour and dancing goddesses, searching for someone or something to restore Mona Lisa’s smile.

We invite you to accompany Katie and her new-found friend as they explore magical worlds on the other side of the Gallery’s picture frames, where characters from a number of famous Renaissance paintings either welcome them, or frighten them, even sometimes spilling out into the gallery after them. The whole thrilling journey through art is a triumph of colour and adventure.

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